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About Us

Canaveral Kings Sportfishing Charters

Canaveral Kings originated as just a couple of guys, with lifetimes of fishing experience combined under their belts, who wanted to make a business out of it. In 2015, Captain Joey Spoerle and Captain Billy Fazio discussed with Blain Nelson about realistic goals in the commercial kingfish industry based out of Port Canaveral, FL. Through these brainstorming sessions, both Captain Joey and Captain Billy agreed on how to capture mass quantities of kingfish, and thus Canaveral Kings was born. Like any decent deal made in Brevard County, we sealed it with a drink at Grills Tiki Bar, and the new business was born.

About Our Mission

Captains Joey and Billy had bigger visions for Canaveral Kings than simply just commercial fishing. After decades of combined experience in the salt-life, they knew they could put together a top-notch service for all levels of anglers. Together, they embarked on creating their own sportfishing charters. If you’re looking for a remarkable day on the water with a fishing experience of a lifetime, look no further than Canaveral Kings Charters with Captain Joey and Captain Billy!

The Canaveral Kings Team

Our captains are among the best in the charter fishing business! Why? Because they absolutely love what they do!

Joey Spoerle


After graduating from college with his Business Degree, Captain Joey decide the ocean was a better office than his desk. He was born in Cape Canaveral, grew up fishing the waters of Florida’s east coast, and has lived this entire life on the Space Coast. After attending college and earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, he still felt the calling of the coast.
He decided a 9-5 office job wasn’t for him, so he continued his education with the United States Coast Guard, where he obtained a 50 ton Master Captain’s license. Six years later and has still not looked back! He feels truly fortunate enough to make a career out of what he loves doing- fishing and putting a smile on people’s faces.

Billy Fazio


Captain Billy grew up into the charter fishing fleet in Port Canaveral. He decided to take a job outside of fishing four years ago. That didn’t last long as his love for the ocean and fishing reeled his right back in.
He has spent his entire life fishing the waters off of the Space Coast. Born in Melbourne, Billy grew up on the Southside of Brevard and fell in love with the seas. He began working on charter fishing boats and commercial fishing boats when he was 16. Those early years of employment on the water still show today- for Billy is one of the most agile anglers on rough seas. Billy took a few years off of the ocean working a “real job” but came back when he was 34. The ocean has a way of calling you back.

Capt. Zach Raptoulis


Captain Zach was born and raised in Central Florida. He spent most of his free time on the ocean during his schooling. Shortly after college, Captain Zach decided to move to Port Canaveral to pursue a life on the water. He has spent the last decade charter fishing and running the party boats out of Canaveral. With an extensive knowledge of the local reefs, wrecks, and water, Captain Zach is sure to have you leaving with a smile on your face and a cooler full of fish!

Capt. Mike Adkins


Capt. Mike is one of our most diverse captains. He has worked on everything from multi-million dollar sport fishing boats to commercial king fishing boats. Capt. Mike travels the world for a few weeks every year, participating as a crew member in high-stakes billfish tournaments. We are lucky to have Capt. Mike running our charter boats as he is an exceptional fisherman!

Jake Hicks

Current Mate/Future Captain

At 18 years old Jake has already taken and passed his USCG merchant mariner course and obtained a captain’s license. He is currently training as a mate on both of our boats, trying to learn as much as he can before he is ready to be a future captain for our fleet. Jake is a great asset to our team and a pleasure for every one of our guests to fish with. We look forward to Capt. Jake in the future!