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Our Deep-Sea Fishing Boats

Canaveral Kings and Sea K II are both 35’ machines made for deep-sea fishing. With plenty of space, both inside and out, our boats make fishing with multiple friends a breeze. Our fishing boats aren’t just comfortable; they’re some of the most seaworthy boats in Cape Canaveral. Our boats easily cruise at 16-17 knots, making sure your time out with us isn’t just time spent on travel.

Our charter fishing boats are designed to get you to the fish faster, safer, and more comfortable.

Canaveral Kings

Our 35’ Duffy is built for catching big fish. With plenty of space inside and out, our Duffy can facilitate comfortable conditions for all guests. Enjoy the fight of a fish on the line, but stay out of the direct sun on our shaded main deck. If you’re ready to cool off, step inside our spacious and breezy cabin.

Sea K II

Our 35’ JC is the second boat of our Canaveral Kings saltwater fleet. Sea K II is a beauty. She has ultimate space for bringing in the big fish, with plenty of deck space for all anglers. There is also plenty of space in Sea K II’s cabin for those who need some room to relax.

Canaveral Kings Nearshore Fishing Boat

Got a group of 4 or less? Hop aboard the CK Light for some nearshore and port fishing! The species of fish we target on these trips varies with the season so don’t be afraid to call Capt. Joey to inquire about a recent fishing report.  These trips are great for the anglers who don’t want to venture far from shore but still want the opportunity to catch some nice fish! 

Snook, red drum, triple tail, tarpon, king mackerel, jack crevalle, Spanish mackerel, flounder, and sharks are just a few of the species we catch on the CK Light. 

CK Light

The 23’ Hoog is a one of a kind fishing boat. It was built in South Florida by Bob Hoog in 1993 and restored in 2018. All composite materials and Bi-axial cloth make it one of the best built boats you can fish on. Its sea keeping abilities are impressive for a 23’ boat while the oversized sunshade gives plenty of cover from the Florida sun. The open forward deck provides lots of room for casting to fish, or having a conversation while waiting for a bite.